Daily Prompt: Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly

The last time I had lay down on the sofa with my knees against my chest was when I was eleven, and I had been off school with a bug. My mother had rubbed my back each time I retched and I watched cartoons through bleary eyes. Seven years later, I feel just as childish, and wish I could grasp that innocence I have lost. I can hear Mum clattering around the kitchen, slamming pans louder than necessary and rattling cupboards, but she isn’t sympathetic to my plight this time.

In fact, when she comes in, storming past with bundles of laundry and giving me a glare as she passes, I can hear her words of earlier in my mind: “How could you be so stupid? This is your own fault! What have you done?”

I close my eyes, focusing on the soft glow of light from behind my eyelids, but it doesn’t stop the memories. Summer days, stolen kisses, wondrous nights. Now all I’m left with is morning sickness and a disappointed mother. Now that he’s gone, I feel like I’m left with nothing.

I rub my stomach, attempting to soothe myself and the baby, trying to shut out how happy I was before. I had just finished school, and I thought I would have a few months of freedom. As soon as Adam found out I was expecting, that childish, breezy love was gone, the carelessness replaced as quickly as his face dropped with something adult. Within days, he had broken my heart. Within weeks, he decided to go travelling with his friends across the world, while I was stuck at home with a growing human inside me.

Mum walks past again, stopping abruptly to turn and snap, “Don’t tell me you’re still moping about that Adam.”
I sigh and open my eyes, looking at her tiredly. “No.”

“That…stupid boy. How could he possibly leave you in this state?” She runs a hand through her greying hair, messy and unwashed since I dropped the news on her. Adam’s departure had left her just as shaken as me, though from the beginning she knew it wouldn’t last between us. I sit up slowly, feeling my head spin after being horizontal for so long: Mum looks close to crying instead of furious, and it’s unusual. I assumed she was just plain angry.

Writing practice.


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