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It’s the time of year of reflection – December and the impending New Year often bring that pensive side of an individual out to question if their life is going in the right direction or not, and at the age of seventeen, I am also at the time of life where I discover who I am. What kind of person am I? Which people are in my life and who will stay? What do I want to be when I begin my life-long trip into adulthood?

The last question is something that has been lingering in the back of my mind for the last year and a half, and I am only left with a variety of options for my future career rather than a settled and definitive job to pursue.

The first and most important to me is to enter a career where I can help someone, whether with social work, counselling or as a teaching assistant. I am generally a caring person, and the idea of giving help to those who need it is incredibly appealing, particularly with how rewarding it can be. However, many of these jobs within the social care spectrum require university education, and I don’t feel fond of the idea of going to university – I am anti-social, terrible with deadlines and revision and would much rather not put so much money into something I am certain to do badly in.

The second future job idea is to work within the media – either screenwriting or directing short movies or music videos. Music brings out my creativity, so to use it as a tool to make visually appealing videos would be a lot of fun. But, alas, the drawback of this is I studied the social sciences at A-Level rather than media, so trying to go from the one set of subjects I am knowledgable about to one I have distant memory of (as I studied media at GCSE) would be a silly decision.

The third, and my personal favourite, is a career where I can write. The dream to be a well-known and successful author, or a magazine column, or even just making some money with freelance, often brings out a passion in thinking ahead to the job for the rest of my life. Though not always practical, it would be a fun possibility, as writing is something I have done my entire life and still do every day – even away from this blog.

The best thing about that is no matter what career I have, I will continue to write and express myself with words, which is a comfort: doing something I love for the rest of my life makes my future look positive at least in some aspects. It is my hobby and where I feel the most pride, and I refuse to live my entire upcoming life without putting my writing out into the world and making a name for myself.


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