Daily Prompt: Moody

via Daily Prompt: Moody


 One of the signs that I (though of course this can apply to anyone) am in an anxious mood is if I am moody. When my anxiety began to rise and hit it’s peak involvement in my life, I was described by my mother as hostile, and I have faint memory of this being the case.

I suppose it was unhappiness that set me off feeling that way – there’s nothing worse than a worry or a panic attack coming back and hitting you like a ton of bricks, particularly if your mood twenty minutes prior was perfectly fine and actually quite sunny. When your feeling of safety and happiness drops to something dark and distressing, your own mood is certain to follow.

Then again, it could also have been defensiveness. Everything annoys you, everything sets you on edge, as you’re dealing with something that may be invisible to everyone else surrounding but a huge, planet-sized deal in your own mind.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when someone is having an anxious episode: though outwardly, many people seem fine, there is a still a war going on inside the mind. There are still unsettling questions that keep you from relaxing – is everything okay? How do I deal with this thing that made me anxious? How long will I feel this way? The questions that frustrate and sometimes anger those who question themselves, as they don’t have the answers when their minds are too busy asking.


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