10 Lana Del Rey Songs That Deserve Music Videos



A rather brief list of songs by Lana Del Rey discography songs that deserve music videos. Lana Del Rey has a collection of gorgeous music videos already, and it would be brilliant for her to make even more. This is another list from my tumblr.

10. Cherry

This is furthest from the top of the list because it’s the one that is most likely to get an upcoming music video, but I still eagerly await the self-directed masterpiece Lana mentioned previously. This sexy song always has fabulous dancing live so I can’t wait for that to be incorporated into her music video (hopefully with her dancers).

9. Summer Bummer

Lana and Rocky were together in her National Anthem music video but now that they both have their own parts of the song, it would be great for them both to work on something together. The mixture of Lana’s classic style and Rocky’s slick music videos would be great, particularly as the imagery in the lyrics is so lush. It would be great if it had a link to National Anthem, or perhaps was a modernised version of Lana’s home-video style.

8. Florida Kilos

This song is just so fun and sexy that it would make such a brilliant music video – pouting Lana cooking up cocaine, fabulous Floridian and Colombian backdrops and crowds of people chanting the “yayo” – it all looks great in my head. It would be nice to have something fun and crazy rather than dramatic and glamorous, leaning towards her Gods and Monsters music video.

7. Old Money

Old Money is just so beautiful that it would be lovely to have a video for it, particularly as it could take a spin on Romeo and Juliet (the movie which is has a musical nod to). This sort of song would be great with a Video Games style music video, showing vintage American clips and Lana looking glamorous, though it would benefit from a bigger production too.

6. The Blackest Day

I’ve always loved this song and I always believe it deserves so much more attention, and though it would be a heavy topic, I think it could have a gorgeous music video. It’s so dreamy that I’m sure it could have lovely scenes and ghostly images.

5. Cola

Though it’s been retired, it’s still a sexy song that pretty much all fans love. One of the bonuses of having a music video released of this is it could include the changed lyrics on audio rather than just on all lyric websites.

4. Herion

One of my favourite songs from Lust For Life, this heavy track is full of such beautiful yet disturbing imagery, ranging from aeroplanes and marzipan to decay and blood on the walls. I think it would make a brilliantly weird music video, particularly if set a couple of decades ago and perhaps included reference to Manson, much like the cult in Freak.

3. Cruel World

Like The Blackest Day, this is one of her best songs that I believe deserves more attention. The vibe slowly gets more insane, which would be interesting to watch on screen, and it’s beautifully messy and disorientated towards the end of the track, portraying Lana overwhelmed by emotion. Religious imagery and perhaps even murder would fit well with Cruel World.

2. Get Free

Though it’s a personal song for Lana, it would be nice to see her and her dancers simply going through a routine much like in Lust For Life, smiling at the camera with a backdrop of her American video tapes. What I think would make this brilliant is a reference to Ride, perhaps even with her old outfit or style from that era, possibly to show the way she has evolved in the last half a decade. Get Free is such a beautiful anthem, and I reckon it could have an incredible music video to go with it.

1. Black Beauty

This long-loved song is filled with beautiful imagery – black leather wedding dress, painted black house, cherry red lips – and it would be nice to see a Gothic, dark Lana drifting through a house, or perhaps even her wedding day, singing for her black beauty.


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