Favourite 10 Surprisingly Dirty Lana Del Rey Lyrics


Though Lana is often melancholy in her songs and lyrics, she’s also pretty sexy – she has a lot of songs that just make you want to be a complete freak, get a sugar daddy and hop on the pole. Despite many of these songs being subtle in their sexuality, I’ve put out a list of her more explicit lyrics, which have sometimes surprised me because I often don’t expect her to just come out with it. Naturally, nsfw content:

10. There are roses in between my thighs

This lyric from the cinematic Honeymoon isn’t necessarily too dirty – it comes across as poetic and beautiful more than anything, much like the rest of the song – but taking the meaning into consideration changes this a bit. Of course, speaking of how floral your vagina is doesn’t have to be sexual. It’s a body part and the intention clearly wasn’t to be explicit or lewd. However, there’s still something about this that is so sexy, particularly in her gorgeous voice. Whether it’s the word “thigh” itself or the age-old comparison of the vagina/virginity as being a flower, it’s a seductive lyric – and makes it sound like an invitation to her ‘husband’ due to the pretty rose theme (then again, she could just be saying there are literal flowers scattered between the upper half of her legs, but why quibble?).

9. Neon phosphorescent, open like a Christmas present

Be My Daddy is a recent-ish unreleased leak and when I first heard it I was stunned by how amazing it was. The whole daddy theme within her music was so strong in this, not to mention how sexy the entire song – both lyrically and musically – is. There are a few quite sexual lyrics in the song but “open like a Christmas present” was a more obvious one – the indication that she is both open for sex or she is literally open (and the gift is her Pepsi).

8. Pushin’ up my *uh* in your face, in your face

I love Go Go Dancer immensely – it’s such a fun, sexy song and I wish Lana would have done something with it  – and this lyric makes it even better. As it’s a song about a go go dancer (or stripper, either way), it’s obvious that she, who’s “drop[ping] it like it’s hot on the pole”, is going to take it a little bit further, at least lyrically, and includes a part about putting her zone literally in a guy’s face. It makes the song so much more fun and sort of amusing but her little moan rather than naming the area and the actual indication of what it means puts it straight on this list.

7. I fucked my way up to the top

This lyric wasn’t as surprising as the others since it’s the title of the song and is repeated, but it’s still quite a strong thing to say. The rest of the song is subtly sensual (”lay me down tonight”) and uses pretty lyrics, along with metaphors (”I’m a dragon”) yet the blunt use of profanity cuts through the rest of it and gives it a much more provocative tone. What makes it even better is that the song is a mockery of someone and she sounds both sexual yet vindictive, and it’s a combination that works well for the song.

6. I drive fast, wind in my hair, have to touch myself to pretend you’re there

Burning Desire is a very obviously sexual song – all of the lyrics are sultry and longing, the title screams what she’s feeling, and the sexual panting (a subtler version of the end of Scarface) all create this gorgeously sexy track. However the most obvious lyric – and one of the first ‘dirty’ lyrics I’d really heard of hers, thus leading to raised eyebrows by me in pleasant surprise – is so carefully blunt-but-not that it works well with the gentler expression of passion this song takes. It’s sort of obviously a stand-out but it fits in well with the flow of the song and doesn’t make it tacky. As a bonus, she’s most likely touching herself whilst driving fast – that’s a sexy risk.

5. No other man can lick me like you

This lyric from the risque Behind Closed Doors is similar to the chorus of Paradise (”lick you like vanilla ice (lick you and make you crazy)”). This one gets an edge because the entirety of the former song is filled with sexual connotations, being “hit” and how “no one can dirty talk me like you”, whereas Paradise is much more euphemistic in its approach – still a brilliant tactic, but since Behind Closed Doors loses the subtlety Lana usually uses, it makes the list. I don’t really need to say much else for this lyric – we all know what licking indicates.

4. In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel looking to get fucked hard

This lyric from Gods and Monsters reminds me of Fucked My Way Up To The Top – a blunt lyric that really hits you and, in this case, emphasises the hard fuck. Paired with the stripper music video and her alluring voice, this is a gorgeous lyric, and when you realise she’s an “angel” – good, sweet and virtuous – looking for someone to fuck her (specifically) hard, shattering her angelic image, it makes it that much more brilliant. This has to be one of her best lyrics overall.

3. Got a lollipop, I’ll give you some, I’ll fuck you

Once again, a lyric from Be My Daddy, but I couldn’t resist this. The first time I heard this part of the song and realised she was saying “I’ll fuck you” – such an indelicate invite in a sugary sweet-sounding song (straight after offering rather childishly some of her lolllipop!) – I had to replay it so many times just to believe I heard it. It’s one of her best songs, a swish pop effort, and this candid lyric tucked away in the bridge makes me wish she’d perform it live and add a dance routine kin to Cherry’s.

2. Scratchin’ counter tops, I was screamin’, my back arched like a cat, my position couldn’t stop you hittin’

This song would be my personal number one (both for this list and in general – it’s my second favourite to Cherry), and it’s a shame it’s just the interlude for The Weeknd’s Starboy album and won’t be performed live or get a music video. The entirety of Lana’s section of Stargirl Interlude is a feline, unceremoniously lustful song. The imagery she creates for her getting it over a kitchen counter is brilliant, and I’m glad she worked with an artist not at all shy of racier content. It’s practically pornographic yet the lyrics that follow, about trying not to cry (is she overwhelmed because she loves him, thus making the sex even better? I hope so, that makes it so much more beautiful) and how they call each other Starboy and Stargirl – a sweet connection that adds tenderness to such a direct song. Never make me start talking about Stargirl Interlude because I won’t stop.

1. My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola

How could it be anything other than the fantastically to the point opening of Cola? This lyric – and other lyrics within the song – were made as a joke rather than a literal song that’s purely sex-driven, but Lana’s come-hither voice throughout one of her sexiest songs ever created is too desirable to be only taken lightly. “Pussy” is such a pornographic, sometimes offensive word, and for her to open one of her songs and set the tone in such a historic way wins overall as her best dirty lyric – and one of her best songs.

I’m sure there’s a lot more but these are the ones that both surprised me the most and the ones I thought were best for the list. This is another tumblr-written effort.


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