My 10 Favourite Lana Del Rey Lyrics


This is one of the many ratings of Lana Del Rey songs I wrote on tumblr, since I enjoy writing about my favourite singer. All of this is my opinion, and it is also in no particular order.

1. Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’, I fall to pieces when I’m with you – Cherry

Cherry is my favourite song by her (at least currently) so naturally part of the lyrics would be my favourite, and I couldn’t resist choosing the chorus. I love the word “darling” and the way she sings it is so luscious yet yearning, especially paired with the “I fall to pieces” part. To fall to pieces and fall apart shows extreme emotion, and it’s something I’ve often felt with some people, so I really connect to it. I especially like its link to Patsy Cline’s song as it carries a bit of nostalgia with it in its (possible) influence.

2. If I call you on the telephone I might overdose ‘cause I’m strong but I’m lonely like Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn Monroe (Puppy Love)

This unreleased song is beautiful and cute anyway, with the sweet lyrics about falling in love and the references to Marilyn Monroe, but this line hits me the most. I didn’t realise that she was mentioning overdosing for ages until I really thought about the lyrics and it felt powerful in a song so simple and sweet, bringing a darker side to giddy romance. Not only is it powerful to me because it reflects what happened to Marilyn but it also reminds of a feeling a lot of people have felt before and the desperation for help from a loved one.

3. I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy – Ride

It’s a simple lyric but with her powerful voice and emotion it’s gorgeous. Feeling crazy can be too much and I connect with this lyric so much. It’s perfect for Ride as well and is what it’s really about, about wanting to break free and just ride with it.

4. Come take a walk on the wild side, let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain – Born To Die

I love the lyric change of “kiss” to “fuck” she does live – it drives me crazy – but the way Lana sings this in a higher, sweeter voice much different to the lower tone of the rest of Born To Die makes it stand out. It feels cut apart from the rest of the song and I love the dizzying way she invites whoever it’s for to do something fun and wild. Also, it does make me think of someone I know and makes me feel that pull. I love the dramatic way it comes across too, like something from an old movie.

5.  Let your memory dance in the ballroom of my mind, across the county line – 13 Beaches

All of the lyrics in 13B are beautiful and I feel connected to most of them, but this is more about the imagery. I always thought this line was so pretty – paired with her vocals – but to compare her mind and memories to a ballroom (something beautiful) makes it so much better. This is just one of the many songs where the imagery is sticking out to me.

6. Ever since my baby went away it’s been the blackest day, it’s been the blackest day, now all I hear is Billie Holliday, it’s all that I play – The Blackest Day

I love TBD so much, especially the perfect way it deals with grief and loss, but these fairly simplistic lyrics – quite basic in their description – are still powerful. Her vocals seem to be going on a downward spiral when she sings these lines, as if she’s drowning in her grief and practically wailing as she does (in a good way) but just the way she puts out in basic words that her baby is gone and now everything is dark, and all she can do is play sad music and makes them feel so powerful and gut-wrenching is incredible.

7. I don’t wanna be bad, I won’t cheat you no more – Bel Air

I understand these lyrics a lot – as someone who has hurt people and done wrong before, I can’t help but connect with this and feel it in my soul. The song is pure and heavenly and this line makes me feel like my sins are stripped away and I’m being forgiven. It also is a promise I feel in song form.

8. Dont worry, baby – Love

Once again not complex but the positivity in this song and the joyful way she sings it means I can’t help but not worry. Lana sings this song with a smile and whenever she gets to it during the song it makes me feel happy and content. I love this lyric because it is comforting, and the song was released at a very difficult time when I lost someone special, so I’m pleased with the timing and how she can turn a frown upside down.

9. You will never see my face if you don’t get me out of this place now, baby, I’m not crazy – I’m leavin’, are you coming with me? – Prom Song Gone Wrong (Teenage Wasteland)

We’ve all had experiences of struggling and being somewhere that makes us unhappy, especially in our teen years, and this song/line sums it up perfectly. The song itself is adorable in its own way – a sweet serenade to the one she loves – and I love all the cuteness in that. But the choruses and bridges reference the feeling of not being quite happy where you are, of wanting to leave and take those you love with you, and I connect with that quite well. Every time I hear these lyrics, and look past the sugar-coated true love shell into the deeper lyrics of running away from a teenage wasteland, I understand.

10. I just wanted you to know that baby you the best – Summertime Sadness

Finally, it’s another song where all the lyrics mean something to me and remind me of someone who is important to me and blah blah blah, but there is a lot I could pick out. Summertime Sadness is a song of loving someone, remembering being happy with them and always missing them, and also has some (interpretive) links to losing someone to suicide and feeling suicidal. For many (including myself) this hits home, but the one lyric from this that I decided to pick out (though really I could pick most of them, such as “Think I’ll miss you forever”, “Even if you’re gone I’m gonna drive”, “I know if I go I’ll die happy tonight) is the above. It’s reminding someone how much they’re loved and no matter what, you need them to know that – whether to help save them from leaving or just to tell them you love them. A bit of a dark one but this song and these lyrics have a lot of meaning, not just to me I’m sure.


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