My Personal Top 10 Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs



Way too much Lana Del Rey on this WordPress. If anyone has any suggestions for music reviews or even album reviews, please let me know! These are my favourite unreleased Lana Del Rey songs.

10. You Can Be The Boss

This was one of the first few songs I had heard from Lana and it was one of the ones that had me hooked (aside from Young and Beautiful and Put Me In A Movie). Though I feel like I’ve heard it a thousand times, therefore don’t feel like listening to it as often, it still has the pure Lana feel to me and the vibe of BTD; the imagery of cigarettes and the flirtatious, spoken verses aimed at her possible daddy-to-be have some of the Lizzy, Lolita charm, so it feels like a classic to me.

9. Go Go Dancer

I adore this song because it’s such a fun one; it’s full of energy and makes you just want to dance much like her, the go-go dancer. It is like the more upbeat, flirty sister of Disco and I think it’s definitely one of her more sexy ones (especially since she’s “pushing up her ahh in your face, in your face”). It’s another with a Lolita vibe, aimed at a rich man with money that she’s dancing for, and I can’t not smile and dance to it in a poor imitation of the fabulous imagery she gives.

8. Last Girl On Earth

I am obsessed with this beautiful song and the lyrics. Lana paints such a sad but gorgeous picture of being loved but lonely, and it’s quite mellow with a strong piano which I think pulls at the heartstrings more. The imagery is my favourite part (”I belly dance and do the tango”, owning Mexico and rollercoasters and the lines about Cleopatra and Caesar which I adore). The strange echoing voice playing under her singing through either ear like buzzing thoughts you can’t get rid of add a complicated layer to it as she ponders living forever. It’s a thoughtful song and her voice and vision makes it straight away one of my favourites.

7. On Our Way

I had originally heard the much more acoustic, stripped back version of this song and when I heard the fuller version with more instruments I still loved it the same, though the former version is locked in my heart. The song is one of her most meaningful and romantic, and it feels like it is one of her most personal. The drawl and accent in her voice makes it feel more raw and cuter, and the chorus makes me want to smile, cry and twirl on a dance floor with someone I love every time. The stripped back, lone guitar version has more of a one-on-one serenade feel, whilst the other version sounds better for a performance due to the strength to it. Either way, it’s a feel good, sweet song with a country twist and I love it.

6. Riverside (feat. Barrie-James O’neill)

This song was originally intended for Barrie’s album and I stumbled on it by accident. The entire song from start to finish is gorgeous and I wish it had been released somehow. It’s a very eerie track, with light vocals echoing over an uncomfortable, long sound much like static (the only way I can describe it) and their dreamy vocals paired with the strong piano and yearning lyrics has me breathless each time. Their voices are beautiful together, even more so than in the cover of Summer Wine, and though it has an other-worldly feel to it, it is still meaningful and has far more emotion behind it, especially in the way they sing “finally I’m getting closer – to the dream”. It’s one I can’t resist replaying.

5. Roses

This song, my God. I don’t know where to start with it: the dramatic, sweeping piano, the burst of pop, the lyrics, Lana’s pissed off and saddened yet sexy vocals – there’s too much in this song for me to handle. It may not be typical Lana Del Rey, leaning towards mainstream pop, but I think it’s a stunning song, especially with her higher vocal range. The anger and adoration she switches between, as well as her typical go-to lyric of roses, is quite powerful and it blows me away every time. The slice of rap thrown in adds to it, and I wish Lana would release some kind of video with this. It’s definitely a song I love to sing along to, and if you’re pissed off with someone who is just no good, this is one of the songs to use to get critical.

4. Serial Killer

It’s one of the classics, the one Lana frequently sings live, and it would be impossible to not include this on the list. It’s a fun song musically but darker lyrically as she sings of her deadly obsession with love. It’s got a cute and sexy twist to it and the best part of the whole song is the moan in the bridge (when she sings it live, oh boy). It’s loved by pretty much all the fans and is a firm live favourite, so it is of course one of the best unreleased.

3. Prom Song Gone Wrong (Teenage Wasteland)

This is a song I have cried over many times just because I love it so much. Firstly, her voice is so sweet and alluring and slides into spoken verses when not crooning about the one she loves, her teenage sweetheart, which gives it an edge. Secondly, the 1950′s schoolgirl, doo-wop vibe (much like in Driving In Cars With Boys and Lust For Life) is charming and classy. Thirdly, the chorus is so beautifully sung, and has real emotion behind it, enough to make an emotional soul like me cry. Fourthly, how romantic and happy with just an edge of sadness and despair (”I’m leaving, are you coming with me?” – the hope for another fresh life with this one she loves, as seen in Paris and Puppy Love) not only brings the extra pile of emotion but can be so relatable to so many listeners, particularly those who are young and madly in love. Everyone has had that feeling of being so in love with someone, criticised for how deep it feels and yearning to just leave with them. Fifthly, the bridge. That bridge has been responsible for so many emotions from me, with the gentle questioning of whether or not he will be leaving with her. I could go on about this song for a long time, but it will always remain one of her most underappreciated songs.

2. Fine China

The final two are both newer found singles, leaked only this year, but I feel they are both some of her most enchanting songs that definitely should be on an album. Fine China is the long, lightly sang lament of beautiful things falling apart, good times turning sour, and it’s just so gorgeous. The musical throb keeping a steady pace of the song and her despairing vocals, the sweetness of her singing and of course the imagery: listed in the chorus are dull silver, white horses and ivory almonds and the pureness of themes such as newborn babies and weddings tarnished by everyday life problems that “[shatters the earth]” are both stunning to imagine and relatable. I think her high, clean vocals and the theme of white and beautiful things make this song one that stands out from most of her collection.

1. Best American Record/Architecture

The apparent Lust For Life outtake is what I believe to be one of her personal best. It’s another slow, steady song, much like Fine China which seems to continue to slowly progress, but this has even more power and more passion inside it. The music – the pluck of a guitar throughout, the gentle plinks in the second verse (you know what I mean), the rolling way the chorus seems to grow and then it reverts back to a softly spoken, gentle vibe – the music is what really makes this. Of course, the lyrics are absolutely brilliant (I can’t even list them all because I’ll just be listing the whole song); of course, some may disagree that these may not be her best lyrics, but I personally adore the mix of simplistic observations (”he was cool as heck”, “you were so obsessed with writing the next best American record”) to the slightly more intricate way of wording things (”my baby used to dance underneath my architecture” (sex), “he was seventies in spirit, nineties in his frame of mind” (free but falling apart)). Her voice changes from soft and practically whispering to strong and clearly hurt, and I love this mixture of simple and soft to intricate and emotive. I especially love the additional parts to this song – the beeps at the start like in a black and white movie, that weird noise in the background just before the first guitar plucks start, the smashing of glasses at the end of the bridge. This song, to me, is one of her best pieces of work and has emotion and something different to it. Of course, it’s a slow burner and sometimes repetitive, but I can’t resist it and wish it could have been on Lust For Life to give it the recognition it deserves.


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