My Favourite 5 Lana Del Rey Covers


Lana hasn’t done too many covers, though she has done enough for me to compile yet another list; this is my opinion; her existing covers are wonderful but these are my very favourite by her:

5. Happy Birthday, Mr President

This classic take on Lana’s ‘mother’ Marilyn Monroe’s performance for JFK is almost flawless. Her breathy voice and seductive twist on the simple song nearly matches Monroe’s, yet she naturally has her own Del Rey style to her voice. It’s brilliantly updated for National Anthem, and though I rarely listen to this song it still strikes me as one of her best covers.

4. Once Upon A Dream

The gloomy take on the classic Sleeping Beauty song manages to enchant and make me drift into a Gothic Disney world with her startlingly beautiful yet melancholic voice. The original is a lovely song to me but the different take on the song evokes beautiful and somewhat frightening imagery and manages to make a song that could work in a horror and a children’s film.

3. Summer Wine

Lana and Barrie James O’Neill have perfectly matched voices in this song – and in Riverside – and I adore how they breathe fresh life into this old song. Keeping in with the style, this song goes to show that Lana is fabulous when it comes to taking music of another era and gifting it to us in her own style. Lana’s girlish vocals are almost hypnotising as she lists the ingredients for her summer wine and as the song progresses and we learn that she is a thief, it’s easy to imagine her in another life as a seductive sweetheart doing what she can to get what she wants.

2. The Other Woman

I’ve spoken of my love for this cover before and it still remains my favourite – though her newest cover fights for first place. Lana’s take on Nina Simone’s song differs from the original in that she sings it vocally but it just shows how she makes it her own. The emotion in her voice is clear and she sounds as if she’s from an era before her, showing just how timeless her voice is.

1. You Must Love Me

This may or may not be first but either way it’s one of my favourite covers so far. Lana’s delicate voice which goes from strength to soft throughout is so beautiful and I adore the way she sings the chorus. She hasn’t got the emotion of The Other Woman in there but the vocals are flawless and she really makes the song her own.


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