Lyric Breakdown: Last Girl On Earth by Lana Del Rey

Baby has a broken heart

  • Lana speaks of herself, beginning the song with the sad statement that she has lost or has no love.

She can’t belong to only one

  • Rather than belonging to one person, she – who is greatly famous – belongs to the world (including her fans, companies she works for and tabloids)

Until another girl is found

I don’t pay for anything

My cigarettes or diamonds rings

  • Lana is so famous – or so rich – she has nothing to worry about. She gets everything for free, including both cheap things like cigarettes and expensive diamonds. This is the first example of all the things she gets which would be considered great from her fame, yet the downsides are sung of throughout

My feet don’t even touch the ground

  • She’s so great that she doesn’t even touch the floor, which is dirty and ‘low’

Chariots of gold, I ride with Jay-Z, Jared Leto

  • Chariots of gold indicates the expensive things, though is a vehicle used for battle, indicating she is facing her own battles every day (most likely emotionally); Jay-Z and Jared Leto are both men who are incredibly famous and well-known in music, like herself, and as she is riding with them they are working together and on the same team

I’m a superpower, now they call me the tornado.

  • She’s so famous and brilliant she is a ‘superpower’, far up the hierarchy of fame and music; she is considered a tornado most likely because they tend to leave behind the evidence they were there in a big way the way celebrities do

I got roses in my hair, I belly dance, and do the tango

  • Roses are a common flower for her, so clearly Lana would have a few of them in her hair; she is a woman of many talents, dancing sexy dances that are usually performed for audiences

Sometimes I get lonely

  • Despite all this, she finishes up with how she is still lonely, though she sounds unsure of this with the “sometimes” – possibly she had voiced her feelings before and people couldn’t believe how a woman so famous could feel that way

Everybody told me no

  • Linking to the above statement (perhaps they couldn’t believe she was lonely, hence telling her “no, that can’t be true”)

No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up

  • She’s trying to be optimistic despite the idea that we are all ‘born to die’ – possibly trying to remain cheerful about her own situation

Don’t you wanna fall in love?

  • She dreams of love and sounds as if she can’t understand why no one else would feel the want for love

No such thing as heaven

  • She’s grounding herself as the “last girl on Earth” rather than dreaming of higher power, perhaps trying to not become to optimistic

And I’m the last girl on Earth

  • She feels completely alone as if no one else is around, most likely feeling she cannot relate to anyone or is loved for shallow reasons (fame); another interpretation could be that she is the only girl due to the music industry often being dominated by men, therefore she is the last female in her own world and has no other women to relate to

So baby, let’s get it on

  • Probably a reference to Marvin Gaye’s song, indicating a mere sexual interest (like in the song) or music interest (since it is a song); it’s a throwaway lyric, particularly the way she sings it, so sounds more like preparing for a drudging task instead of doing what she loves

Cleopatra used to rule

  • Cleopatra was one of the most well-known women in power and was known for her beauty and sexual conquests

But she got nothing on me now

  • This woman of said beauty and sexuality doesn’t compare to Lana Del Rey

‘Cause I’m the last girl on earth

  • Lana is now the only woman that ‘matters’ – something she may have been repeatedly told by fans, so she now believes everyone considers her the only woman of importance

I turn the television on

They only play my favourite song

  • She gets whatever she wants because she is the most loved and important

Since I’m the last girl on Earth

  • By repeating the phrase “I’m the last girl on Earth”, it indicates she is something she is thinking about and believes a lot; she may be starting to feel even lonelier and start dwelling on it

Chariots of gold, I’m sitting, sipping cherry cola

  • She loves her cherries and cola

Caesar said he’d fall in love with me if I was older

  • Cleopatra and Caesar were lovers, and Lana may be comparing herself to the queen she said she is now better than; she says that ‘Caesar’ (Lana’s current love interest) could love her but won’t, therefore love is at a distance from her; she also tends to fall for older men, so maybe she wants an older man she cannot have

I own all of Mexico and I got my own roller-coaster

  • She is so great she owns countries and somehow got into the business of roller-coasters

Sometimes I get lonely, millions can hold me now

  • She’s lonely but millions (all of her fans etc.) want her; there’s a big difference between “lonely” and “millions can hold me” but it may show the difference between how she feels and her reality

No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up

Don’t you wanna fall in love?

No such thing as heaven

And I’m the last girl on Earth

So baby, let’s get it on

I stay up late at night, try not to think about it

  • She’s either trying to distract herself all night or simply cannot sleep because of the thoughts

Pretend I’m happy, willing all the word without love

  • She has to put on a front for her fans

I get so tired being on display somehow

  • She’s beginning to get sick of fame and being watched by everyone, therefore having to watch herself and continue to be immaculate and pleasant

Sometimes I get lonely, but millions all know me now

Rather than simply being “held” by millions, they now all know her secrets and her feelings, as she cannot hide from tabloids; she may also be referring to the fact that this song has told millions how she feels (thus they all “know” her)

No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up

Don’t you wanna fall in love?

There’s no such thing as heaven

And I’m the last girl on Earth

So baby, let’s get it on

No such thing as heaven

And I’m the last girl on Earth

So baby, let’s get it on


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