Lyric Breakdown – Fine China by Lana Del Rey

I wore diamonds for the birth of your baby

  • Lana is a glamorous woman who is wearing something expensive to celebrate the occasion of a birth; she is singing about a friend who is bringing new life into the world

For the birth of your son
On the same day my husband to be
Packed his things to run

  • Her fiance has decided to leave her, most likely without telling her

Was bittersweet to say the least

  • She has both feelings of sadness and happiness about the day

One life begins, one comes undone

  • The comparison of one entire life beginning and filled with opportunities whilst she feels hers is falling apart by having him leave her

I’ve always been a strong woman of faith

  • She believes in God and likes to believe in higher powers to watch over her life

Strong like a tree but the unlucky one

  • Lana is a strong woman who can cope with the things life throws at her but unfortunately so many unfortunate things happen to her

I’m going down, now

She’s breaking apart despite her “[strength]” and finally caving to the heartbreak

With all of my

Fine china and fresh linen

  • These are material things that can be easily damaged, so she – who was also a material thing in diamonds – is being destroyed like them; these items listed may have something to do with weddings (particularly as you can, in this line’s instance, get fine china as a present or to use for the wedding meal, and fresh linen could refer to the bed sheets or table cloths) – these are things she’s paid out for her wedding that will not happen due to her fiance leaving; they could also link to the wedding in the following verse

All of my dresses with them tags still on them

  • Most likely her wedding and bridesmaid dresses that are still new and unused as she hasn’t even had the wedding yet

Fine china and dull silver

  • Dull silver may link to the cutlery or even the wedding rings

My white horses and my ivory almonds

  • White horses can be used in weddings to pull carriages etc., or may be part of an estate where her wedding is taking place; almonds are used for wedding favours

I guess they really got the best of us, didn’t they?

  • All the other people who defeated them, possibly from casting doubts or disliking the idea of a wedding (like her mother-in-law in the second verse) have led to the end

They said that love was enough but it wasn’t

  • Though many people believe that love will endure no matter what, sometimes it can’t work out if the relationship isn’t working

The earth shattered, the sky opened

  • “The earth shattered” may be about earthquakes, thunder or other natural disasters that represent her world coming apart and breaking; “the sky opened” links to rain

The rain was fire but we were wooden

  • Naturally, fire burns wood; rain is often linked to sadness but this time it is fiery, showing there may be a lot more than just sadness (such as anger) within the problems that destroyed their relationship

I wore diamonds for the day of our wedding

For our day in the sun

  • It sounds like a pleasant occasion which she has worn her diamonds for again; the wedding may either be Lana’s fiance coming back to her and they finally go through with it, so the song is about how they just can’t be together as love wasn’t enough, or it could be that she met a new man and her relationship with him fell through too (since she is the “unlucky one”)

On the same day my mother to be said she wouldn’t come

  • Her mother-in-law is refusing to go to the wedding as she doesn’t support it, thus breaking up the family theme for the day and putting a negative edge on the wedding

It’s always been that way with me

  • Lana knows she always has bad luck

No time for change, no time for fun

  • She can’t “change” to becoming married and have other nice differences in her life, nor can she enjoy special days, as she has too many bad things happen

It’s always been that way it seems

One love begins, one comes undone

  • She is starting a life with the man she loves but her mother-in-law no longer wants to be a part of her son’s life

I’m going down, now

With all of my


All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

Blue uh, blue

  • Blue is the colour of sadness and the mood for the song, and may also be the colour of the fine china

All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

Blue uh, blue


Fine china, fine china, fine china

Fresh linen, fresh linen, fresh linen

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah


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