Lyric Breakdown: Trash Magic by Lana Del Rey

Boy, you wanna come to my motel, honey?

  • The repetition of “boy”, with the way it begins the track, shows precisely who the song is for

Boy, you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?

  • She wants him to physically her down (for sex, though also it indicates he has power over her); despite him “holding [her] down”, which could most likely be an act of power, she wants it in a consensual and loving way; she wants to be taken care of

Boy, you know that I have really never loved nobody but you?

  • She is dedicated to him and wants to make sure he knows

Boy, you wanna come to my motel, honey?

  • Lana loves motels and is frequently singing of them; they’re classic American locations and Lana adores America/old Americana; it’s her motel, so she’s either living there (thus she is poor, or at a stage of her life where she is supporting herself away from her rich family, further indicating she wants this man to take care of her since she is in that position) or it is literally a motel her family owns (so she owns it too), showing her wealth

Boy, you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?

Boy, you know that I have really never loved nobody but you?

  • She repeats these questions as if checking his feelings, trying to keep out her doubts; she is trying to comfort herself and show how much she cares, to let him know and also find out his feelings

I do my hair up, all high and wide

  • Lana likes the beauty-queen style of hair, which is also popular in the mid twentieth century

White flowers tied

  • She likes to decorate herself with flowers, as mentioned in several other songs, though these white flowers indicate virginity (she’s portraying innocence) or even a wedding (she wants commitment)

Green swimming pool, pink flamingo, high Christmas lights

  • Lana is enjoying the different colours in her life, showing how beautiful it is even in a motel and her appreciation of it all, not to mention metaphorically her life is colourful with this man; Lana has mentioned these things in other songs, so they’re important in her memories; she said she had decorated a motel with Christmas lights before

Blue bed spread and silver tinsel

My heart’s delight

  • She’s saying she really loves where she is both physically and in life


Do you like my fake nails, daddy?

  • She wants his thoughts again and whether or not he’ll compliment her; she’s trying to look good for him and make it clear how good she looks; what she calls him indicates his powerful position over her (he is richer, older, etc.)

Black palm tree, pink tiger stripes

  • She has very striking nails

Used to go to the Palm Parade, yeah

  • The Palm Parade could reference the Florida parade or even the Easter parade

Where you’d buy me a slice of cherry pie

  • He buys her something sweet; cherry pies can have double meanings of being a description of a sweet girl or even an innuendo, which have been used in songs by other artists

We didn’t know much, just worked at night

  • They were quite ignorant about life, thus they may both be young; they both have night jobs, which could also indicate she was some kind of stripper or prostitute (as referenced in her music), whilst he may have had some kind of crime related job

Sweet trailer life

  • Lana loves her trailer life

One, two


He said, “Lana Rey, will you serve me lemonade?”

  • She may have also been a waitress at other points, or even a gas station worker (mentioned in Queen of the Gas Station); she is serving him when he asks, so that shows the dynamic of both of them

I said, “Yes Bill, I will, it’s the day of the parade”

  • She recalls the parade again which may be a special memory; Bill has been mentioned before in Best American Record, Driving In Cars With Boys and Super Movie

And you look even more handsome than you did the day that I left you”

  • She seems to have left him before, so they may have split up after the first verses and this shows a time lapse where they meet again as she’s waitressing; perhaps the entire song is about how she wants to tempt him back to her motel and be together again; Lana still recognises that he is good looking and wants him to know that

How do you spend your nights, honey, still watching TV?

  • She wants to know what he does now and maybe wants to know if he is available for her

I long to be in your arms, honey

  • She misses him and repeats the same nickname over and over that may be what she used to call him

Come back to me, please

  • She’s begging for him back and the subtleties have gone


All I want is to feel good

  • She wants to either have physical pleasure or she wants to be happy with him again; she repeats it because she wants it so bad

All I want is to feel good
All I want is to feel good
You know, hmmm

Come on now, if you want to

  • She continues to try and tempt him

If you want to

  • She lets him know that it’s his decision, though she may be manipulating him to think he has control when really she’s getting her own way by acting innocent

If you want to

If you want to

It’s been a long time

  • They have been away from one another for a while but she remembers everything specifically (such as the colours in the starting verse)

Boy you wanna come to my motel honey?
Boy you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?
(In my motel, honey)
Boy, you know that I have really never loved nobody but you?

(I said god-damn!)

  • Either she is getting the pleasure she wanted or he said no and she’s not happy about it

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