Lyric Breakdown: She’s Not Me by Lana Del Rey

When you got her in the back seat

  • Insinuating he is doing the typical making out/sex in the backseat thing

Drivin’ round the back streets

  • Possibly doing inappropriate things trying not to be seen, or perhaps trying not to be seen by Lana

Trying to block me out

(Do you remember my name?)

  • She continuously asks if he remembers her name – the most basic thing to know about a person – and repeats it almost tauntingly

Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard

Does it light up the spark?

  • She wonders if he remembers the times he took her around SMB and whether or not his current situation with the new squeeze reminds him of her

(Do you remember my name?)

Is she a Ride-or-Die Bitch?

  • Lana is proud that she is a ‘ride or die’, basically going all out or not at all  to the end without flaking; the bitch may be a link to her thought of being a ‘bad bitch’

Does she know I’m tattooed onto your heart?

  • Metaphorically, Lana is always loved by him; literally, he got Lana’s name tattooed on his chest because he loved her that much – either way, Lana is always going to be a part of his life and the other girl has nothing on her

You can try to fight it

  • He may not want her back any more and want to forget her but Lana is certain he will always keep his memories or at least still be attracted to her

I have left my mark on you

  • Much like his “tattoo” , it could either be metaphorical or literal

There is nothing you can do

When you think you’re over me

And your bad baby’s dead and gone

  • Lana either means “dead and gone” out of his life, or perhaps literally, as Lana has mentioned being a murderer or close to becoming a murderer before (Serial Killer, Kinda Outta Luck, Jealous Girl); it could also link to how Lana is a “ride or die bitch” but this girl is not (hence she is dead)

(Remember) I’m the ghost in your machine

  • A reference to Lana’s philosophy studies; in basic terms, the mind and body are one, so if the guy wants her, it will show outwardly

I’m your real life suicide-blonde

  • Suicide blonde’s are women who dye their own hair (suicide = death = died = dyed (hair)); Lana is a woman who takes pride in her appearance, and blondes are often noted to be ‘bombshells’, thus she is one of the beautiful women

(You think that)

You’re in love, you’re in love, you’re in love

  • Lana feels that he is assuming to be in love with the girl and has strong feelings for her

Well she might be here, might be hot

  • The girl is present in his life (unlike Lana) and still is a looker, so is a girl people want

But baby she’s not me

When you take her to Chateau Marmont

  • Lana has attachments to Chateau Marmont, so possibly remembers the times he would take her there and assumes, since he ‘loves’ this girl, he will repeat it

Cause you booked the top suite

  • He wants the best for his girl(s)

Lay her on the bed

  • She is singing in a taunting way, almost childishly daring him to do these things, which makes her sound quite bitter; alternatively, she may be remembering when he did the exact same things for her and is reminding him

(Do you remember my name?)

Strip her down to her bare ass

In her Kiki de Montparnasse

Like I used to have

  • Lana has the exact same lingerie as (she assumes) the girl does; Lana’s past tense may indicate she got rid of them, most likely because he bought them for her and now they aren’t together she didn’t want them any more

(Do you remember my name?)

Is she a Ride-or-Die Bitch?

Does she make you shiver under your skin

  • One type of physical response to arousal

Just the way that I did?

Lana still wonders (rhetorically) if this girl could make him feel the way she did

It won’t be the same again

She don’t compare to who I am

  • Though he is trying to replicate the times he had with Lana with the girl, Lana knows it won’t be the same; Lana is much better than this girl and she feels confident in that fact (or she feels threatened so it bitterly feigning confidence)

When you think you’re over me

And your bad baby’s dead and gone

(Remember) I’m the ghost in your machine

I’m your real life suicide-blonde

(You think that)

You’re in love, you’re in love, you’re in love

Well she might be here, might be hot

But baby she’s not me

You try to forget and you tell her that you miss her

  • The guy probably remembers Lana and misses her, then feels guilty, so tells the girl that he misses her to convince himself she is the one he wants

But I bet every time you go to kiss her

You get a hot rush feeling on your lips

It’s me taking over you, throwing you a curveball

  • Lana is saying that not only is he remembering kissing Lana every time he does it with another person but she is literally – like a “ghost” – taking his physical body and forcing him to remember

Reminding you of our true romance and

  • The “true romance” means that their relationship was true love, and not just sexual desire (as references to in the second verse); Lana really did deeply love him and he reciprocated; however, Lana seems to be using one of the most basic physical desires to get her way back in with him

Just like the first time you learned to dance and

I showed you all those moves she can’t do

  • Lana points out, using the tactic of bringing up and old and possibly positive memory to trigger good feelings from him towards her, that she may be good for him because she taught him something (how to dance), thus she would be good for him by showing him new things; she also manages to snidely comment on the other girl’s lack of talent, reminding him she isn’t really that good



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