Daily Prompt: Calm

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 Anyone with anxiety will know the struggle of trying to become calm: it’s almost an untouchable dream to be calm at the height of feeling anxious.

For me, I spent three long months at the beginning of 2016 trapped in an anxiety bubble, where the state of being calm seemed to be a million miles away out of reach of me, and almost impossible to achieve. Every action was tainted with fear and every thought was a catalyst to add to my distressed state – the complete opposite to how I feel now.

Though I still have my moments of crushing worry and an unsettled stomach, I find it easy to be calm, without even thinking about it or trying to force myself to be comfortable in my mind. Looking back on that period is impossible to believe and almost terrifying to consider that that was the way I lived for three whole months, though at the time it felt almost like three years, with each day dragging out like an endless ocean of jagged, choppy waves that never settle.


Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest


 The smashing of glass mixed with delighted whoops and angered shouting makes my eyes fly open, confused as I stare around my dark room, though the flicker of orange from behind my curtains has me shooting out of bed and rushing to look outside in a flash. Behind the glass, the world is black and orange – black sky, dark shadows, men dressed in black clothing as they rush around under the orange street lamps, fire flickering as it consumes a car surrounded by my neighbours screaming and shouting.

But these men in black don’t seem to care – they are too quick and can easily dart away from the still sleepy car owner without much trouble. Judging from their whoops and catcalls, which echo up and down the street, they are young and cocky with the safety of their masks over their faces.

I had heard of the riots in the papers – the tales of protest marches turned violent and youths doing whatever they could to get their voices heard. I never expected it to break free from the heart of the city where it all began and stretch out to suburbia.

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