Lyric Breakdown – Fine China by Lana Del Rey

I wore diamonds for the birth of your baby

  • Lana is a glamorous woman who is wearing something expensive to celebrate the occasion of a birth; she is singing about a friend who is bringing new life into the world

For the birth of your son
On the same day my husband to be
Packed his things to run

  • Her fiance has decided to leave her, most likely without telling her

Was bittersweet to say the least

  • She has both feelings of sadness and happiness about the day

One life begins, one comes undone

  • The comparison of one entire life beginning and filled with opportunities whilst she feels hers is falling apart by having him leave her

I’ve always been a strong woman of faith

  • She believes in God and likes to believe in higher powers to watch over her life

Strong like a tree but the unlucky one

  • Lana is a strong woman who can cope with the things life throws at her but unfortunately so many unfortunate things happen to her

I’m going down, now

She’s breaking apart despite her “[strength]” and finally caving to the heartbreak

With all of my

Fine china and fresh linen

  • These are material things that can be easily damaged, so she – who was also a material thing in diamonds – is being destroyed like them; these items listed may have something to do with weddings (particularly as you can, in this line’s instance, get fine china as a present or to use for the wedding meal, and fresh linen could refer to the bed sheets or table cloths) – these are things she’s paid out for her wedding that will not happen due to her fiance leaving; they could also link to the wedding in the following verse

All of my dresses with them tags still on them

  • Most likely her wedding and bridesmaid dresses that are still new and unused as she hasn’t even had the wedding yet

Fine china and dull silver

  • Dull silver may link to the cutlery or even the wedding rings

My white horses and my ivory almonds

  • White horses can be used in weddings to pull carriages etc., or may be part of an estate where her wedding is taking place; almonds are used for wedding favours

I guess they really got the best of us, didn’t they?

  • All the other people who defeated them, possibly from casting doubts or disliking the idea of a wedding (like her mother-in-law in the second verse) have led to the end

They said that love was enough but it wasn’t

  • Though many people believe that love will endure no matter what, sometimes it can’t work out if the relationship isn’t working

The earth shattered, the sky opened

  • “The earth shattered” may be about earthquakes, thunder or other natural disasters that represent her world coming apart and breaking; “the sky opened” links to rain

The rain was fire but we were wooden

  • Naturally, fire burns wood; rain is often linked to sadness but this time it is fiery, showing there may be a lot more than just sadness (such as anger) within the problems that destroyed their relationship

I wore diamonds for the day of our wedding

For our day in the sun

  • It sounds like a pleasant occasion which she has worn her diamonds for again; the wedding may either be Lana’s fiance coming back to her and they finally go through with it, so the song is about how they just can’t be together as love wasn’t enough, or it could be that she met a new man and her relationship with him fell through too (since she is the “unlucky one”)

On the same day my mother to be said she wouldn’t come

  • Her mother-in-law is refusing to go to the wedding as she doesn’t support it, thus breaking up the family theme for the day and putting a negative edge on the wedding

It’s always been that way with me

  • Lana knows she always has bad luck

No time for change, no time for fun

  • She can’t “change” to becoming married and have other nice differences in her life, nor can she enjoy special days, as she has too many bad things happen

It’s always been that way it seems

One love begins, one comes undone

  • She is starting a life with the man she loves but her mother-in-law no longer wants to be a part of her son’s life

I’m going down, now

With all of my


All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

Blue uh, blue

  • Blue is the colour of sadness and the mood for the song, and may also be the colour of the fine china

All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

All of my all of my fine china

Blue uh, blue


Fine china, fine china, fine china

Fresh linen, fresh linen, fresh linen

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah


Lyric Breakdown: Trash Magic by Lana Del Rey

Boy, you wanna come to my motel, honey?

  • The repetition of “boy”, with the way it begins the track, shows precisely who the song is for

Boy, you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?

  • She wants him to physically her down (for sex, though also it indicates he has power over her); despite him “holding [her] down”, which could most likely be an act of power, she wants it in a consensual and loving way; she wants to be taken care of

Boy, you know that I have really never loved nobody but you?

  • She is dedicated to him and wants to make sure he knows

Boy, you wanna come to my motel, honey?

  • Lana loves motels and is frequently singing of them; they’re classic American locations and Lana adores America/old Americana; it’s her motel, so she’s either living there (thus she is poor, or at a stage of her life where she is supporting herself away from her rich family, further indicating she wants this man to take care of her since she is in that position) or it is literally a motel her family owns (so she owns it too), showing her wealth

Boy, you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?

Boy, you know that I have really never loved nobody but you?

  • She repeats these questions as if checking his feelings, trying to keep out her doubts; she is trying to comfort herself and show how much she cares, to let him know and also find out his feelings

I do my hair up, all high and wide

  • Lana likes the beauty-queen style of hair, which is also popular in the mid twentieth century

White flowers tied

  • She likes to decorate herself with flowers, as mentioned in several other songs, though these white flowers indicate virginity (she’s portraying innocence) or even a wedding (she wants commitment)

Green swimming pool, pink flamingo, high Christmas lights

  • Lana is enjoying the different colours in her life, showing how beautiful it is even in a motel and her appreciation of it all, not to mention metaphorically her life is colourful with this man; Lana has mentioned these things in other songs, so they’re important in her memories; she said she had decorated a motel with Christmas lights before

Blue bed spread and silver tinsel

My heart’s delight

  • She’s saying she really loves where she is both physically and in life


Do you like my fake nails, daddy?

  • She wants his thoughts again and whether or not he’ll compliment her; she’s trying to look good for him and make it clear how good she looks; what she calls him indicates his powerful position over her (he is richer, older, etc.)

Black palm tree, pink tiger stripes

  • She has very striking nails

Used to go to the Palm Parade, yeah

  • The Palm Parade could reference the Florida parade or even the Easter parade

Where you’d buy me a slice of cherry pie

  • He buys her something sweet; cherry pies can have double meanings of being a description of a sweet girl or even an innuendo, which have been used in songs by other artists

We didn’t know much, just worked at night

  • They were quite ignorant about life, thus they may both be young; they both have night jobs, which could also indicate she was some kind of stripper or prostitute (as referenced in her music), whilst he may have had some kind of crime related job

Sweet trailer life

  • Lana loves her trailer life

One, two


He said, “Lana Rey, will you serve me lemonade?”

  • She may have also been a waitress at other points, or even a gas station worker (mentioned in Queen of the Gas Station); she is serving him when he asks, so that shows the dynamic of both of them

I said, “Yes Bill, I will, it’s the day of the parade”

  • She recalls the parade again which may be a special memory; Bill has been mentioned before in Best American Record, Driving In Cars With Boys and Super Movie

And you look even more handsome than you did the day that I left you”

  • She seems to have left him before, so they may have split up after the first verses and this shows a time lapse where they meet again as she’s waitressing; perhaps the entire song is about how she wants to tempt him back to her motel and be together again; Lana still recognises that he is good looking and wants him to know that

How do you spend your nights, honey, still watching TV?

  • She wants to know what he does now and maybe wants to know if he is available for her

I long to be in your arms, honey

  • She misses him and repeats the same nickname over and over that may be what she used to call him

Come back to me, please

  • She’s begging for him back and the subtleties have gone


All I want is to feel good

  • She wants to either have physical pleasure or she wants to be happy with him again; she repeats it because she wants it so bad

All I want is to feel good
All I want is to feel good
You know, hmmm

Come on now, if you want to

  • She continues to try and tempt him

If you want to

  • She lets him know that it’s his decision, though she may be manipulating him to think he has control when really she’s getting her own way by acting innocent

If you want to

If you want to

It’s been a long time

  • They have been away from one another for a while but she remembers everything specifically (such as the colours in the starting verse)

Boy you wanna come to my motel honey?
Boy you wanna hold me down, tell me that you love me?
(In my motel, honey)
Boy, you know that I have really never loved nobody but you?

(I said god-damn!)

  • Either she is getting the pleasure she wanted or he said no and she’s not happy about it

Lyric Breakdown: Prom Song Gone Wrong by Lana Del Rey

Boy, it’s late, walk me home, put your hand in mine

  • The song, about a teenage romance, starts with the first word “boy”, which is a good starting point to indicate who the song is for; he walks her home late at night to make sure she gets home safe, which is a chivalrous thing for young men and women courting – it shows he is taking care of her, which is a promising start to how they are together throughout this song

At the gate, stop and say, “Be my valentine”

  • Valentines are usually a big deal in schools and for teenagers, as it’s at the time of life where all crushes feel most intense; they’re too young for him to ask her to marry him, or perhaps even to be his ‘girlfriend’, which is more formal than ‘valentine’; it shows the youthfulness

You are, by far, the brightest star I’ve ever seen

  • She thinks very highly of him and is quite fond of him; she also says “seen” which could mean he literally looks perfect to her also (linking back to times when teenagers are mostly into how ‘hot’ people are

And I never dreamed I’d be so happy that I could die

  • The feelings are so intense she could literally stop existing; it’s dramatic, which is what many teens are, but it also shows just how intense crushes can be at that life stage; she couldn’t imagine feeling that way before (perhaps when she was younger before crushes were strong)

You used to say that I was beautiful like Cleopatra

  • Cleopatra was known for her beauty and her lovers; it’s a high compliment towards Lana, who seemed to admire her (hence her reference in Last Girl On Earth)

But you the king too so I would say, “back at ya”

  • She considers him a king (perhaps he was the Prom King, as was she, who is also a Queen (Cleopatra); Lana’s “back at ya” is a very informal way of speaking, much like teen dialect

I flip my hair and make you stare and put my makeup on

  • Lana tries hard to look great for him and likes to get his attention; once again, another thing teens often do; she wants to impress him

And make up stories ‘bout my life and that I’m very cherry bomb

  • Lana wants to sound as impressive as possible and purposely leaves out anything that wouldn’t sound cool to him; cherry bombs are explosive fireworks, so she wants to sound (and look) as cool as possible in a big way

And even then I knew that we were something serious

  • Though they were just in school, she knew she wanted to be with him for more than just a silly young romance

That you would dominate my thoughts like radio to Sirius

  • He completely takes over her thoughts; Sirius is a star in the sky, so the ‘radio waves’ (her thoughts of him) are strong enough to break through the atmosphere; once again, she mentions stars, which gives way to nice imagery of night time (possibly when they spent the most time together)

I’d see you in hall like “hello, hello”

  • Passing through school halls they greet each other

Up against the wall like “let’s go, let’s go”

  • Taking a slightly more risque turn, they may be making out against lockers (”let’s go” may indicate this); this could also be the two of them talking about actually leaving together (the theme of the song); the repetition of the words “hello” and “let’s go” may be that one of them is spoken by Lana and the other by him, hence they have the same ideas

Let me take you out of this town

  • Young teens often dream of running away together, and Lana has referenced this in her other songs

Let me do it right now, baby

  • Lana wants to be the one that takes him away; she wants a turn at protecting him and taking control of the relationship (typically the ‘guy’ thing to do), showing equality between both of them; she loves him so much she just wants to make him happy by leaving with him

Dancing ’til dawn, staying forever young

  • Dancing all night like teens do, though also it’s romantic; dancing happens at prom; she dreams of being “forever young” with him because that’s the best time of their life, being irresponsible teens who just love each other

Let’s get out of this place

‘Cause you’re starting to waste within this teenage wasteland

  • Teen life isn’t always easy, and “wasteland” indicates there are problems, i.e. drugs, gangs, pressures from school etc., so she wants to get away from it all; he’s “starting to waste” so is most likely unhappy with where he’s living, and since she wants him she wants to protect him

You will never see my face

If you don’t get me out of this place now, baby, I’m not crazy

  • Lana is saying she also feels bad about life their (she’s also starting to waste) and she herself will leave and no one, including him, will see her again unless they make the move together; she has probably been told it’s a ridiculous idea to run away (by parents and friends but even maybe by him) but she’s determined

I’m leaving, are you coming with me?

  • Lana has made her mind up – she will be going out of town; she repeats the question because she wants to know if she’ll do it with him; she sounds hopeful because she wants to leave but do it with the one she cares about

If you’re lonely, baby, hold me, you’re my only one

  • She wants to make him feel better when he feels “lonely” and reminds him that she is there and she only wants him

Watching television, kissing ’til we see the sun

  • Television is so simple yet she loves spending time doing things like that with him; they kiss all night; teens often stay up throughout the night doing such things

So far, we are safe in the dark

  • In the dark (night time) they are away from school (“teenage wasteland”) and pressures of adults (who don’t stay up at night due to their responsibilities) so they are both safe from those stresses

And I never dreamed that I’d be the queen

  • Lana never realised that someone would treat her so highly as if she is a queen; it may link to prom again, as she may not have expected to be Prom Queen

And I’d be so happy that I could die

You used to call yourself The Don and call me Queen Diana

  • The Don is someone who is high up status wise, but could also be a crime leader; Queen Diana may reference the Princess of Wales who was well-loved by the world; he thinks highly enough of himself to be the don and she is his queen – though it could be another reference to the prom royalty

You always make me blush and say “shut up boy, you bananas!”

  • He’s always paying her compliments and she tells him to stop; teen girls are thought of to be giggly; she’s using silly, youthful dialect/slang (“bananas”)

You pull my hair and push me down and chase me, make me run

  • Teens often flirt by acting like they don’t like each other (“shut up”, play fighting, etc.) so it’s just them playfully showing how much they love each other

You played me Biggie Smalls and then my first Nirvana song

  • He introduced her to the music she loves and is inspired by

So even then when no one’s friends were really serious

  • The rest of their friends were ‘couples’ but not serious, as teen romances often chop or change; however (see below)

I knew you loved me by the way you looked in second period

  • Even in school she could tell he truly loved her when he stared at her in lessons, and she clearly felt the same

I’d see you in hall like “hello, hello”
Up against the wall like “let’s go, let’s go”


I know that they say that all I want is to have fun

  • Her family and friends may tell her she can’t really be deeply in love and is just enjoying life; they’re dismissing her feelings as being merely young

And get away for rainy days

  • They don’t believe she wants to get away because she needs to escape the “teenage wasteland”, instead thinking she just wants to get out of the gloomy town for a while and do something fun

I know that they think I’ve come undone

  • They think she’s crazy for being so young and wanting to get away with the one person

But I’m in love, I wanna run, run, run away

  • Lana knows how she feels and still wants to get away; the repetition of “run” may indicate how strongly she wants to do it; also for how long and what distance she wants to go

I’m leaving, are you coming with me?

  • This, and the final line, both indicate that it’s an unanswered question, so the song may be for him (which is shown by the way it starts off (“boy”)) and she is talking about their life together and how much she wants to just get away with him


Lyric Breakdown: Butterflies by Lana Del Rey

We’re sippin’ cocktails, looking down upon the riot

  • By being chilled out “looking down upon the riot”, they are on the fringe of society, most likely linking to Lana’s frequently mentioned couple who are seeking the American Dream; the cocktails indicate they are mature adults who have probably been with each other for a long time, which the high school yard lyric indicates

You whisper “Baby, love the way you look tonight

I wanna save you, save you from the world outside.“

  • He wants to protect her and genuinely cares for her, particularly when there’s “riot(s)” (general life chaos)

I know it seems you’re all I wanted and much more

But then, to tell the truth, I’ve been through this before

  • Lana undeniably has fallen hard for men before, and has had experiences where she has been in relationships that she feels will last forever but they never work out; she is doubtful about this person

They say “I’ll save you, save you”, but they never do

  • From past experiences she knows she may be let down; this guy is saying the same things she’s heard before and she mistrusts the promises; her concern throughout the song comes from trying to protect herself

I think you know I want to believe you

But in my heart, I know that I’ll leave you

  • She genuinely cares for him but she knows she will eventually fall into the pattern again; the heart is where our desires are, and deep down she cares for herself more than any man, thus protecting herself

It’s sort of sad how instincts deceive you, or does it please you?

  • It could be the other way round but I understand it as her instincts telling her she loves him and wants to be with him, yet it’s a deception (a response to her subconscious attractions); she is confused and isn’t sure if the “instinct(s)” of wanting him are deceptive or something to let herself feel good about (”please you”)

Everything you say makes me wanna stay

But everything you done makes me wanna run, run, run

  • He knows how to win her over with promises and words but he has done things that she can’t ignore; it opposes the dreamy “I wanna run, run, run away” from Prom Song Gone Wrong and has a darker element of desperation for escape; she is saying that actions speak louder than words

I made the decision that I can’t be with you

  • She’s using her head now as well as her heart, doing the right thing to protect herself

Walking out the door but I already miss you

Thinking about how I used to kiss you

  • As soon as she’s away from him she wants him once again; she still has the memories

I-I’m getting butterflies, I-I’m getting butterflies

  • Usually the first signs of a crush are butterflies in the stomach, so she either still has the same feelings as when she first met him, hence it’s still intense to her, or it’s a fresh relationship that she is already wanting to end

I made the decision that I’m too good for you

  • Lana knows that she deserves better (based on “everything [he’s] done)

Then I see you’re calling, it’s hard to ignore you

Try to be strong, but babe, I adore you

  • She can’t resist him and goes dreamy just thinking of him (hence the pet name being used and her breathless voice)

I-I’m getting butterflies, I-I’m getting butterflies

  • The stuttering once again indicates the intense feelings that comes from a serious attraction/romance or a new, exciting relationship

Well back in high school, in the yard, we used to fight

  • She’s remembering all the times they had together and the frequent arguments – not a good sign, yet could show it’s a petty teenage romance and the song is about her confused feelings at such a young age

But you would sneak in through my window every night

  • The typical move of the guy coming to the girl like a modern day Romeo

“I wanna take you, take you to the world outside.”

Well, I assume it’s what I wanted at the time

  • Lana wasn’t sure if she really wanted to sneak out to “the world outside” with him or even if she wanted to be with him, but she ended up doing it anyway because she was interested in him

But your eyes were like a constant warning sign

  • Eyes are the windows of the soul; she could tell he wasn’t a good guy really; warning signs are usually bright in colour too so perhaps it’s a comment on his burning gaze

“I wanna take you, take you,” and I didn’t mind

  • He’s still feeding her lines and tempting her, but Lana didn’t really mind it even if she wasn’t sure

And even though I didn’t believe you

You had a smile so easy to see through

  • She had her doubts but she could tell he genuinely liked her through his “easy to see through” smile which made her mind up for her

I know a little part of me will always needs you

Try to reach you, try to please you

  • She is dependent on him, in a way, or will always need him in her life, and seems to want to try to “please him” all the time to make him happy


I know, I know, I know, we aren’t good together

  • Lana is aware that the relationship doesn’t work and isn’t perfect, and she sounds like she has told people a million times that she knows so – she is repeating the “I know” tiredly

I can’t let go, I’m sure that we should be forever

I look around, there’s no one above you

  • No one is as great as him and no matter what else she finds it won’t be the same

I think you know that I’ll always love you

And baby, I’m bad too, it’s not just you

  • They “aren’t good together” because neither side is doing the best they can for either of them; she has her own flaws too; it possibly started off all the “fights” in high school

But I can’t wait forever to trust you

  • Lana can’t wait for him to change, as it sounds like he doesn’t make any positive differences for her; he most likely tells her he will but never goes through with it; Lana needs to feel secure


Lyric Breakdown: She’s Not Me by Lana Del Rey

When you got her in the back seat

  • Insinuating he is doing the typical making out/sex in the backseat thing

Drivin’ round the back streets

  • Possibly doing inappropriate things trying not to be seen, or perhaps trying not to be seen by Lana

Trying to block me out

(Do you remember my name?)

  • She continuously asks if he remembers her name – the most basic thing to know about a person – and repeats it almost tauntingly

Cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard

Does it light up the spark?

  • She wonders if he remembers the times he took her around SMB and whether or not his current situation with the new squeeze reminds him of her

(Do you remember my name?)

Is she a Ride-or-Die Bitch?

  • Lana is proud that she is a ‘ride or die’, basically going all out or not at all  to the end without flaking; the bitch may be a link to her thought of being a ‘bad bitch’

Does she know I’m tattooed onto your heart?

  • Metaphorically, Lana is always loved by him; literally, he got Lana’s name tattooed on his chest because he loved her that much – either way, Lana is always going to be a part of his life and the other girl has nothing on her

You can try to fight it

  • He may not want her back any more and want to forget her but Lana is certain he will always keep his memories or at least still be attracted to her

I have left my mark on you

  • Much like his “tattoo” , it could either be metaphorical or literal

There is nothing you can do

When you think you’re over me

And your bad baby’s dead and gone

  • Lana either means “dead and gone” out of his life, or perhaps literally, as Lana has mentioned being a murderer or close to becoming a murderer before (Serial Killer, Kinda Outta Luck, Jealous Girl); it could also link to how Lana is a “ride or die bitch” but this girl is not (hence she is dead)

(Remember) I’m the ghost in your machine

  • A reference to Lana’s philosophy studies; in basic terms, the mind and body are one, so if the guy wants her, it will show outwardly

I’m your real life suicide-blonde

  • Suicide blonde’s are women who dye their own hair (suicide = death = died = dyed (hair)); Lana is a woman who takes pride in her appearance, and blondes are often noted to be ‘bombshells’, thus she is one of the beautiful women

(You think that)

You’re in love, you’re in love, you’re in love

  • Lana feels that he is assuming to be in love with the girl and has strong feelings for her

Well she might be here, might be hot

  • The girl is present in his life (unlike Lana) and still is a looker, so is a girl people want

But baby she’s not me

When you take her to Chateau Marmont

  • Lana has attachments to Chateau Marmont, so possibly remembers the times he would take her there and assumes, since he ‘loves’ this girl, he will repeat it

Cause you booked the top suite

  • He wants the best for his girl(s)

Lay her on the bed

  • She is singing in a taunting way, almost childishly daring him to do these things, which makes her sound quite bitter; alternatively, she may be remembering when he did the exact same things for her and is reminding him

(Do you remember my name?)

Strip her down to her bare ass

In her Kiki de Montparnasse

Like I used to have

  • Lana has the exact same lingerie as (she assumes) the girl does; Lana’s past tense may indicate she got rid of them, most likely because he bought them for her and now they aren’t together she didn’t want them any more

(Do you remember my name?)

Is she a Ride-or-Die Bitch?

Does she make you shiver under your skin

  • One type of physical response to arousal

Just the way that I did?

Lana still wonders (rhetorically) if this girl could make him feel the way she did

It won’t be the same again

She don’t compare to who I am

  • Though he is trying to replicate the times he had with Lana with the girl, Lana knows it won’t be the same; Lana is much better than this girl and she feels confident in that fact (or she feels threatened so it bitterly feigning confidence)

When you think you’re over me

And your bad baby’s dead and gone

(Remember) I’m the ghost in your machine

I’m your real life suicide-blonde

(You think that)

You’re in love, you’re in love, you’re in love

Well she might be here, might be hot

But baby she’s not me

You try to forget and you tell her that you miss her

  • The guy probably remembers Lana and misses her, then feels guilty, so tells the girl that he misses her to convince himself she is the one he wants

But I bet every time you go to kiss her

You get a hot rush feeling on your lips

It’s me taking over you, throwing you a curveball

  • Lana is saying that not only is he remembering kissing Lana every time he does it with another person but she is literally – like a “ghost” – taking his physical body and forcing him to remember

Reminding you of our true romance and

  • The “true romance” means that their relationship was true love, and not just sexual desire (as references to in the second verse); Lana really did deeply love him and he reciprocated; however, Lana seems to be using one of the most basic physical desires to get her way back in with him

Just like the first time you learned to dance and

I showed you all those moves she can’t do

  • Lana points out, using the tactic of bringing up and old and possibly positive memory to trigger good feelings from him towards her, that she may be good for him because she taught him something (how to dance), thus she would be good for him by showing him new things; she also manages to snidely comment on the other girl’s lack of talent, reminding him she isn’t really that good


Lyric Breakdown: Last Girl On Earth by Lana Del Rey

Baby has a broken heart

  • Lana speaks of herself, beginning the song with the sad statement that she has lost or has no love.

She can’t belong to only one

  • Rather than belonging to one person, she – who is greatly famous – belongs to the world (including her fans, companies she works for and tabloids)

Until another girl is found

I don’t pay for anything

My cigarettes or diamonds rings

  • Lana is so famous – or so rich – she has nothing to worry about. She gets everything for free, including both cheap things like cigarettes and expensive diamonds. This is the first example of all the things she gets which would be considered great from her fame, yet the downsides are sung of throughout

My feet don’t even touch the ground

  • She’s so great that she doesn’t even touch the floor, which is dirty and ‘low’

Chariots of gold, I ride with Jay-Z, Jared Leto

  • Chariots of gold indicates the expensive things, though is a vehicle used for battle, indicating she is facing her own battles every day (most likely emotionally); Jay-Z and Jared Leto are both men who are incredibly famous and well-known in music, like herself, and as she is riding with them they are working together and on the same team

I’m a superpower, now they call me the tornado.

  • She’s so famous and brilliant she is a ‘superpower’, far up the hierarchy of fame and music; she is considered a tornado most likely because they tend to leave behind the evidence they were there in a big way the way celebrities do

I got roses in my hair, I belly dance, and do the tango

  • Roses are a common flower for her, so clearly Lana would have a few of them in her hair; she is a woman of many talents, dancing sexy dances that are usually performed for audiences

Sometimes I get lonely

  • Despite all this, she finishes up with how she is still lonely, though she sounds unsure of this with the “sometimes” – possibly she had voiced her feelings before and people couldn’t believe how a woman so famous could feel that way

Everybody told me no

  • Linking to the above statement (perhaps they couldn’t believe she was lonely, hence telling her “no, that can’t be true”)

No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up

  • She’s trying to be optimistic despite the idea that we are all ‘born to die’ – possibly trying to remain cheerful about her own situation

Don’t you wanna fall in love?

  • She dreams of love and sounds as if she can’t understand why no one else would feel the want for love

No such thing as heaven

  • She’s grounding herself as the “last girl on Earth” rather than dreaming of higher power, perhaps trying to not become to optimistic

And I’m the last girl on Earth

  • She feels completely alone as if no one else is around, most likely feeling she cannot relate to anyone or is loved for shallow reasons (fame); another interpretation could be that she is the only girl due to the music industry often being dominated by men, therefore she is the last female in her own world and has no other women to relate to

So baby, let’s get it on

  • Probably a reference to Marvin Gaye’s song, indicating a mere sexual interest (like in the song) or music interest (since it is a song); it’s a throwaway lyric, particularly the way she sings it, so sounds more like preparing for a drudging task instead of doing what she loves

Cleopatra used to rule

  • Cleopatra was one of the most well-known women in power and was known for her beauty and sexual conquests

But she got nothing on me now

  • This woman of said beauty and sexuality doesn’t compare to Lana Del Rey

‘Cause I’m the last girl on earth

  • Lana is now the only woman that ‘matters’ – something she may have been repeatedly told by fans, so she now believes everyone considers her the only woman of importance

I turn the television on

They only play my favourite song

  • She gets whatever she wants because she is the most loved and important

Since I’m the last girl on Earth

  • By repeating the phrase “I’m the last girl on Earth”, it indicates she is something she is thinking about and believes a lot; she may be starting to feel even lonelier and start dwelling on it

Chariots of gold, I’m sitting, sipping cherry cola

  • She loves her cherries and cola

Caesar said he’d fall in love with me if I was older

  • Cleopatra and Caesar were lovers, and Lana may be comparing herself to the queen she said she is now better than; she says that ‘Caesar’ (Lana’s current love interest) could love her but won’t, therefore love is at a distance from her; she also tends to fall for older men, so maybe she wants an older man she cannot have

I own all of Mexico and I got my own roller-coaster

  • She is so great she owns countries and somehow got into the business of roller-coasters

Sometimes I get lonely, millions can hold me now

  • She’s lonely but millions (all of her fans etc.) want her; there’s a big difference between “lonely” and “millions can hold me” but it may show the difference between how she feels and her reality

No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up

Don’t you wanna fall in love?

No such thing as heaven

And I’m the last girl on Earth

So baby, let’s get it on

I stay up late at night, try not to think about it

  • She’s either trying to distract herself all night or simply cannot sleep because of the thoughts

Pretend I’m happy, willing all the word without love

  • She has to put on a front for her fans

I get so tired being on display somehow

  • She’s beginning to get sick of fame and being watched by everyone, therefore having to watch herself and continue to be immaculate and pleasant

Sometimes I get lonely, but millions all know me now

Rather than simply being “held” by millions, they now all know her secrets and her feelings, as she cannot hide from tabloids; she may also be referring to the fact that this song has told millions how she feels (thus they all “know” her)

No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up

Don’t you wanna fall in love?

There’s no such thing as heaven

And I’m the last girl on Earth

So baby, let’s get it on

No such thing as heaven

And I’m the last girl on Earth

So baby, let’s get it on

Favourite 10 Most Hopeful Lana Del Rey Songs


I’ve written about Lana’s saddest and darkest songs before, but now – after becoming refreshed with the blessing that is Happiness Is A Butterfly (the snippet at least) – I think it would be nice to write about Lana Del Rey’s most hopeful songs. The new slant of looking towards a golden future is back in fashion as demonstrated on Lust For Life.

10. Video Games

Video Games, her first and possibly most classic hit, is one of those soaring, feel-good love songs that make you cry with a smile on your face. Compared to many of her love songs where she seems to be yearning for someone too far from her (Pretty When You Cry, Shades Of Cool, to name a few), this song is a true love song at it’s finest, where she sings that it’s only worth living if “somebody is loving you – and baby now you do”. Though not explicitly a song about hope, it still shows she firmly believes in the love they feel and she is certain that he wants her as much as she wants him.

9. Old Money

This is more of a song about wistfully hoping someone will want her back – though the story is unclear, she reminisces of the good times with a person she loves and says that she’ll be by their side as soon as she can when they reach out to her. Though more of a sad song than a cheerful one, it still shows that she hopes they will still love her when her beauty fades. I could have chosen Young and Beautiful for this list, but I feel Old Money is more appropriate due to the heartbroken way she sings “if you change your mind I’ll come, come, come”. In Young and Beautiful (which would certainly make this list if I had the room), she seems more certain of their future, as she confirms “I know you will [love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful]”. Old Money contains less certainty but more wilfulness.

8. Bel Air

Bel Air is completely appropriate for hope as it’s about starting again – as it concludes the tale of redemption, Tropico. Throughout the song Lana says that she “don’t wanna be bad, [she] won’t cheat [them] no more”. Along with the lyric about her “resurrection” – most likely making herself better for the person she loves – and how she “can’t wait to see [them]”, this song holds a lot of hope for being with someone and having them “break this heart of [hers]”. It’s not just the lyrics, it’s the tone – Bel Air has a sound that makes you feel just as optimistic and waiting to see what the future will bring. It makes me feel good whenever I hear it and I always feel positive about myself and my future actions.

7. God Bless America – And All The Beautiful Women In It

Although mostly a song commending women in this era, it still manages to make you feel good and almost protected. Lana’s request that God blesses the female population (specifically) gives way to imagining that there is a higher power taking care of us. No matter what your slant is on religion, it’s still a song that gives comfort during this difficult time, and helps us to become “proud and strong”.

6. Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems

I have said previously that this song is a little bit lost on me when it comes to the meaning – in my Lust For Life album review I pointed out that the verses and the choruses seem to not entirely match up. However, the choruses for this heartfelt lament of the “beautiful people” (unfortunately I don’t qualify for inclusion) strike a cord as these two strong women in music say that “we’ve got to try”. The song increases in emotion as it goes on and it’s impossible to ignore the feelings of promise, particularly as they request us – the people – all try together, creating a song that unifies the listeners.

5. Hollywood

This is a bit of a random choice – the only unreleased song I have mentioned – but I couldn’t help but remember how Lana (Lizzy) sang about her hopes for the future. Some may be quite shallow (“hair to my ass” for starters) but it’s a song about wishing for the ideal future. She wants golden knuckles and diamond hoops – money that comes with fame. It’s a song about dreaming for a reality she has now captured for herself, proof that hoping and pushing yourself in the right direction for what you want can eventually fulfil your dreams. The song itself has a very bright, breezy feel, making it a song of ambition.

4. Ride

This has to be one of her well-loved songs and possibly the most patriotic of the bunch. The sound of the song is clearly American, particularly the chorus and her strong accent throughout, along with the lyrics that perfectly match up the dreamy American music video of motels and motorbikes, and it shows Lana’s love for her country (a place where, like in American – another song for this list – you are young, dope and proud). However, Lana’s personal lyrics about “travelling too long” and being “tired of feeling like [she’s] fucking crazy” still end up being positive. She sings of the difficulties she’s facing yet she “just ride[s]” and lets herself feel free. It’s a song to be inspired by – to be free yourself, just “hear the birds on the summer breeze” and be as crazy as you feel. The deepness of the lyrics resonates more with listeners, making this a touching song, but ultimately it manages to be assuring.

3. Change

The gentle, flowing ballad about the state of the world and the dark possibility of the future at first terrified me. Her lyrics of bombs and bitter water freaked me out, especially when imagining the horror of what could be, but Lana once again manages to turn it on it’s head. She first of all sings with a haunting tone before, eventually, she reaches the much more pleasant “every time that we run” part of the song before accepting change will come but “we’ll be here for it”. Once again, she unites her listeners and changes a gloomy song into one of hope. Accepting the possibilities for the future but rather than fearing it, we all come together and prepare ourselves.

2. When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing

Like Change, this song speaks of our dark present times, including the “fake news” and the possibility of the “end of an era/America”. However, she once again spins it on it’s head and creates a song about hope, about coming together and fighting darkness with light. In this case, dancing. She reminds us of a time when the world was at war before (either the world wars or Vietnam) and how we kept dancing back then. It seems things worked out as she reminds us to do it again now – fight fear with hope and find a way to keep dancing. She also says it’s “only the beginning” and we should “hold onto hope”. It’s a positive message that really does bring the feeling of relief and I love to listen to it whenever I’m feeling low or afraid, because no matter what, we’ll keep dancing.

1. Get Free

Get Free was the most obvious candidate for the first choice. Though the song is personal to Lana, and she has kept much of it’s meaning to herself, she still has managed to end her album on a positive light. Harking back to Ride with how she has a “war in [her] mind”, she firmly says that she wants to move “out of the black” and “into the blue”. It’s a beautiful song with a lot of deep meaning and significant lyrics, but her cheerful tone of the chorus and the repeated “out of the black/into the blue” gives so much joy. She has really changed her perception on life and made a record that leads us out of the darkness and into a mindset of expectancy, becoming sanguine and, of course, hope.